Anty Gin

After its debut at 2013’s Pestival tasting, a long development process to ready it for market, its first commercial run of ninety-nine bottles and a media maelstrom, and its second commercial run being sold at Hedonism Wines and Selfridge’s, we are now preparing the third production run of Anty Gin with our friends at Cambridge Distillery. More info below. Batch 6 is available at Anty Gin’s website.We hope you enjoy it. The NFL team — Anty Gin A joint venture between experimental Copenhagen-based Nordic Food Lab and the world’s first gin tailor, The Cambridge Distillery, is introducing a new and somewhat different gin to the market. Formica rufa, the red wood ant, are found in forests around the Northern Hemisphere, and are inspiringly sophisticated creatures. They communicate using a host of chemical pheromones, which allow them to form immense colonies housed in large mounds, and they defend their complex communities by producing … Read more