Nordic Food Lab

Where we’ll be:

23-24 June 2018: We will be at Kulinarisk Sydfyn and carry out workshops and other activities aimed at children. Michael, Mathias and Julia will be there. More information will follow.

13-14 June 2018: Roberto, Taste for Life and Science & Cooking/Harvard present Gastro-science-chef 2018: an international two-day symposium on science and cooking. The symposium takes place at the University of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg Campus, and participation is free of charge. Our whole team contribute to make this a success. See the program and register here

Where we’ve been:

24 May 2018 The Nordic Food Lab proudly presented “Wild Aperitivo” as part of the 4th Wild & Feral Food Week 2018 

14-18 May 2018: Roberto contributing to the international conference insects to feed the world in China

17 May 2018: Michael presented some of our work from Smag for Livet and our view on the three tiers of food interaction at Danish Nutrition Society (read more here )

16 May 2018: Michael presented our collaboration with Jacobsen Craft Brewery to a group from the International Organisation of Vine and Wine at Jacobsen Brewery

4 May 2018: Michael delivers a keynote lecture at MIFFI – 1st international conference on Microbial Food and Feed Ingredients. The Lab will provide tasters prepared by Anna and Rikke. more 

6 April 2018: Michael will present an overview of some of our work and Julia and Rikke will showcase some of the activities we have developed  during Smag for Livet at Smag for Livets afslutningskonference (in Danish), DGI-byen Copenhagen, Denmark. more

31 March 2018: Rikke did a brill Gyotaku workshop at a local fishmonger in Tversted, Denmark. 

23 March: Anna will talk about “FOOD WASTE – Sharing food with those who need it” at the CPH:DOX event The Living Room x Opbyg Samfundet // CPH:DOX 2018

19 March 2018: Mathias moderated a talk between chef Flynn McGarry, his mother and Cameron Yates, the director of the documentary ‘Chef Flynn’, at a closed event for chef students at Charlottenborg. This event is a part of the CPH:DOX festival.

13 March 2018: Rikke presented at an event by Smak av Kysten in Bergen, Norway.
The title of her presentation is: Future costumers: How can we get more kids to eat more fish and seafood? (Fremtidens kunder: Hvordan kan vi få flere barn til å spise mer sjømat?)

5-6 March 2018: Roberto lecturing at Harvard Universty on “Exploring Deliciousness – Insects in a Gastronomic Context”.                                  Science & Cooking lectures series. more

27 February 2018: Michael presented our work at  Université Laval, Ville de Quebéc, Canada

26 February 2018: Michael delivered a “conférences du savoir” (knowlegde conference) about our work at Montréal en Lumière in Montreal, Canada. more 

26 February 2018: Michael presented our work at Institute Tourisme et l’Hôtellerie Quebéc in Montreal, Canada

February 2017: Louise, Roberto and Ole Mouritsen from the Squid Squad were in Sardinia to explore the wonderful world of cephalopods. Watch the trailer about their work and stay tuned for more. Video credits Luca Manunza

8-9 November 2017: Roberto gave a talk at III Conreso Internacional Gastronomia & Salud in Zaragoza. more

27-29 October 2017: Roberto contributed as keynote speaker to the world creative economy forum in Shanghai, China.

22 October 2017: Julia had a workshop on the senses and wild food at Torvehallerne, Denmark

27-29 September 2017: Rikke and Dwi were at 6th SAPERE Scientific & Dissemination Symposium. more

26 September 2017: Dwi was invited to make a Tempe tasting at Institut Paul Bocuse Research Center.

22 September 2017: Mathias and Louise hosted “Madkundskabslektorerne” to teach them fermentation and conservation.

15-16 September 2017: Roberto was invited to serve pop up dinner at a la Piscine du Rhone in Lyon in connection to the VEGGIEAT exchange program. more

4-5 September 2017: All team members contributed to Creative Tastebuds at Aarhus Teater, Denmark. more

27 August 2017: Louise, Julia, Rikke, and Mathias gave workshops on testing wild food at Vild Mad Festival at Amager Fælled, Denmark. more

20-24 August 2017: Rikke, Dwi, and Michael presented research at Pangborn Symposium 2017 at Rhode Island Convention Center, USA. full program here

23-24 August 2017: Roberto contributed to World Food Summit, Copenhagen, Denmark. more

19-20 August 2017: Louise, Mathias, and Julia contributed to Seed Exchange, Lejre, Denmark. more

5 August 2017: Louise and Michael contributed to Læsø Langoustine festival, Læsø, Denmark. more

28 June 2017: Dwi presented on Workshop Cooking Cultures and Innovation: Evolution of Traditional Recipes at Institute Paul Bocuse. full program here

25-26 June 2017: Rikke, Julia, Louise, Mathias and Michael gave workshops for children at Kulinarisk Sydfyn, Svendborg, Denmark. more 

30 May 2017: Michael gave a seminar about our work and vision for food at Department of Viticulture and Enology, UCDavis, California, USA.

25+26 May 2017: Michael contributed to a panel discussion – Global Food at FoodInno symposium, Stanford d-school, California, USA more

26 April 2017: Michael shared our work and vision for food innovation with investors and startups at Hello København – Founders Reception organised by Index Ventures in Copenhagen.

24 March 2017: Roberto presented some insect dishes in master chef spain.

10 March 2017: Rikke gave a presentation on “Non-hegemonic taste education” in an event “Stop Making Sense: a conversation between sensory and social science about food and drink” at The Chemical Heritage Foundation, USA. more

10 March 2017: Mathias gave a presentation on “Teaching with and about taste” in an event “Stop Making Sense: a conversation between sensory and social science about food and drink” at The Chemical Heritage Foundation, USA. more

2 February 2017: Roberto gave a presentation on “Fermentation, science, gastronomy” at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. more

12 December 2016: Roberto gave a presentation on “Changing what we eat” at Dome of Vision, Stockholm, Sweden. more

20 Oct -11 Nov 2016: Dwi, Roberto, and Anna were in Yogyakarta, Indonesia to run a restaurant setting experiment on consumer perception of Tempe in gastronomic context.

22 September 2016: Roberto served a 9 course dinner for Zinemaldia 2016 international film festival San Sebastian in connection with the Screening of BUGS.

21 September 2016: Roberto gave a lecture in the Basque Culinary Center regarding uses of Edible insect in Modern Gastronomic context to the master class Avantgard Gastronomy.

16 September 2016: Roberto gave a lecture  regarding Food Security and Food Insecurity at the University of Gastronomic science Master classe Food and Health.

11-14 September 2016: Michael presented a poster on “The effect of organic fair trade labelling on consumer responses to 12 commercial vanilla ice creams” at Eurosense 2016 in Dijon, France. more

11-14 September 2016: Dwi presented a poster on “Product information affects perception of sensory, collative properties and elicited emotions of Indonesian tempe” at Eurosense 2016 in Dijon, France. more

21 August 2016: Roberto in connection with BUSG premiere in Denmark served a few insect snacks in the Grand central theater.

19 August 2016: Roberto together with some former interns from NFL served few insect snacks to CPH cooking week in connection with BUSG premiere in Denmark.

16 -17 June 2016: Roberto presented at the conference at Limmerick Ireland – 12 annual THRIC- a taste of tourism.

25-26 June 2016: Rikke and Michael were at Kulinarisk Sydfyn, as part of Smag for Livet’s contribution to the culinary festival. more (in Danish)

11 May 2016: Michael presented at Mat dagen, The Swedish Food Confederation’s yearly conference in Stockholm. more (in Swedish)

26 May 2016: Michael was a keynote speaker at Berkeley-Stanford Food Innovation and Design Symposium in California. more

15 April 2016: Roberto gave lecture and preparing dinner for the master Food innovation & health at Pollenzo Italy Slow Food University.

1-4 March 2016: Roberto presented at the conference on “legislation and standards to promote the use of insects as food and feed. Create awareness and inform policy decision in the sector” at Bondo University of Bondo Kenya.

22-24 February 2016: Roberto gave lecture about Nordic Gastronomy and Food Innovation at Örebro University Sweden.

15 December 2015: Roberto taught a course on cooking with insects at the Basque Culinary Centre. more

9 December 2015: Jonas presented about Tomorrow’s meatball: An exploration of future food at Space 10, Copenhagen, Denmark. more

4 December 2015: Josh presented with collaborators on Entomophagy and Power at the ‘Insects as food and feed interdisciplinary workshop’ at the University of Oxford, UK. more

10 November 2015: Roberto and Josh will be presenting a short clip from our upcoming documentary film BUGS, and giving a talk on our insect research at CPH:CONFERENCE as part of the Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival. more

5 November 2015: Jonas and Dwi presented about our work with sourdough and tempe at Indigenous Terra Madre in Shillong, NE India. more

2 November 2015: Michael presented on our work at the Marmite Food Lab in Zürich, Switzerland.

19 October 2015: Josh gave a Master’s Tea at Calhoun College, Yale University, on our work in general and our insects research.

17 October 2015: Josh spoke on a panel and giving a workshop at ‘Eating Through Time: Food, Health, History’ at the New York Academy of Medicine. more

5 October 2015: Roberto presented on Rai (Italian National Television) at the World Expo in Milan on ‘Foods of the future’. more

4 October 2015: Roberto led a workshop called “Edible Insects: Novel or Novelty?” at Terra Madre Giovani in Milan. more

30 September 2015: Roberto spoke at the European Parliament in a seminar entitled “What we will be eating in 2025” and serving some insect dishes during the conference. more 

8 September 2015: Josh gave a presentation on our work at the kick-off meeting for MicroWine, an EU research consortium for wine microbiology. more

23-27 August 2015: Dwi presented a poster on “Indonesian consumers’ perception of modernised and original version of traditional food” at the Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium in Gothenburg, Sweden. more

31 July 2015: Jonas will be giving a talk on our work for Pecha Kucha Copenhagen as part of the Trailerpark Festival. more

27 July 2015: Josh gave a workshop on insects in ecological and gastronomic context in Steigen, Norway.

3-5 July 2015: Josh participated in the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery in Oxford, England.

26-28 June 2015: Michael, Jonas, Charlotte and Rikke will share our work with Smag for Livet at Kulinarisk Sydfyn in Svendborg, Denmark. more

24-26 June 2015: Michael, Josh, and Bernat convened a session on our work entitled ‘Asian Foodways In and Out of the Nordic Region’ at the conference ‘Food, Feeding and Eating In and Out of Asia’ run by the Asian Dynamics Initiative at the University of Copenhagen, and Roberto contributed to a session entitled ‘Food Security/Safety in Southeast Asia’. more

15-19 June 2015: Roberto and Santiago cooked and taught for one week at Le Tavole Accademiche at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Bra, Italy. more

12 June 2015: The whole team shared our work at Folkemødet on Bornholm, Denmark, as part of the Smag for Livet project. more

1 June 2015: Michael shared our work on insects at the Stockholm Food Forum 2015. more

18 May 2015: Jonas presented at the Alchemist Flavour Festival in Athens, Greece. more

12 May 2015: Jonas contributed to the workshop ‘A Taste of the Future’ in Oslo. more

23-24 April 2015: Michael and Jonas presented as part of Smag for Livet at Forsknings Døgn in Copenhagen. more

13 April 2015: Roberto and Josh presented at Le Strade della Mozzarella in Paestum, Italy. more

11 April 2015: Roberto and Josh shared our work at Sangue na Guelra / Young Chefs with Guts Festival in Lisbon, Portugal. more

20 March 2015: Josh presented on our work at the Forests for Food – Food for Forests Conference at the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) along with the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in Geneva. more

9 March 2015: Michael presented at the White Guide Trend Seminar in Stockholm, Sweden.

19 February 2015: Roberto contributed to a workshop on insects in gastronomic context at Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary Institute in Bangkok, Thailand. more

8-10 February 2015: Roberto and Jonas presented at Identità Golose in Milan, Italy. more

5 February 2015: Josh and Roberto shared our vision for edible insects at a debate hosted by Jordbrugs Akademikere in Copenhagen. more

3 February 2015: Josh presented on the intersections between taste and health in our work for the Wellcome Trust Foundation at the Medical Museion in Copenhagen.

16 January 2015: Jonas Astrup Pedersen gave a presentation on our vision for ‘Future Food’ for Danish youth at the Concito think tank in Copenhagen. 

26 October 2014: Josh Evans and Roberto Flore, along with our former team member Ben Reade, presented some of our work with insects based on field work over the past year at Salone del Gusto in Turin, Italy. more

5 October 2014: Josh Evans and Roberto Flore conducted a workshop and gave a short talk at the Stadt Land Food festival in Berlin. more

2-3 October 2014: Josh Evans presented on a panel and at a dinner event at Duke University as part of the series ‘Subnature and Culinary Culture’. more

2 October 2014: Jonas Astrup Pedersen shared our work at a food film event for Politiken’s IBYEN at the imminently open LilleBROR. more

28-29 September 2014: Michael Bom Frøst presented at the Food and Data Workshop at the Royal Society in Chicheley, England.

17 September 2014: Michael Bom Frøst presented at the Nordic Taste & Flavour Centre in Göteborg, Sweden.

9 September 2014: Josh Evans recorded a podcast interview with the Yale Sustainable Food Project and Yale Radio on our work. Listen here.

9 September 2014: Jonas Astrup Pedersen presented his Master’s Thesis entitled ‘Disgusting or Delicious’ at the EuroSense 2014: Sense of Life (6th European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research) hosted by Elsevier in Copenhagen, Denmark. more

9 September 2014: Josh Evans presented our work at Yale University in conversation with Professor of History Paul Freedman, hosted by the Yale Sustainable Food Project. more

6 September 2014: Josh Evans presented on the parallel pursuits of biodiversity and deliciousness at Mistura in Lima, Peru.

4 September 2014: Michael Bom Frøst gave a talk for the Swedish food industry on introducing new foods to the world at the Svenska Livsmedelsdage conference ‘Sense and Sensibility’ in Tylösand, Sweden.

14-15 July 2014: Michael Bom Frøst gave workshops at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Bra, Italy.

21-22 June 2014: The whole team was cooking, leading workshops and sharing the edible diversity of the oceans at Science at Sea on Copenhagen harbour. more

16 June 2014: Michael Bom Frøst gave a brief introduction to our work and to innovation in entrepreneurship at the Druid Conference 2014 at Copenhagen Business School.

16-18 May 2014: Ben Reade appeared on two panels at the Ballymaloe Litfest of Food & Wine at Ballymaloe Cookery School, Ireland. more

14-17 May 2014: Ben Reade and Josh Evans presented some of our insect gastronomy work at the FAO/WUR ‘Insects to Feed the World’ conference at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. more

12 May 2014: Michael Bom Frøst presented some of our work on the use of sensory methods in culinary contexts such as development kitchens at the sensory science conference SenseAsia 2014. more

11 May 2014: Ben Reade shared some stories from our ento-culinary field work at the Food Film Festival in Amsterdam. more

7-10 May 2014: Michael Bom Frøst visited Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia to present our thoughts on how chefs and scientists can collaborate.

16-17 March 2014: Ben Reade was a plenary speaker and panelist at the International Association of Culinary Professionals conference in Chicago. more

13 March 2014: Avery McGuire presented on how to attract the Y Generation to the Nordic countries through food at Serviceforum at the Nordic Hotel School in Stavanger, Norway. more

5 March 2014: Josh Evans presented to students, staff, and board members at William Angliss Institute in Melbourne on the connections between food diversity, taste, and resilience in food systems. 

1 March 2014: Josh Evans cooked alongside James Viles for ‘Terroir on the Table’ as part of the First Fruit Dinner Series at the Adelaide Festival in Adelaide. more

21 February 2014: Ben Reade presented at The University of London as part of an event ‘The virtues of the table: The ethics of food choices’. more

18 February 2014: Ben Reade taught as part of the MSc Gastronomy program at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. 

9 November 2013: Ben Reade presented a talk ‘Triumphs of a Delicious Revolution’ at TEDxUniversityofMacedonia. more

25 October 2013: Ben Reade spoke about the importance of play in our methodology at Playful 2013 in London. more

8 October 2013: Ben Reade and Michael Bom Frøst presented ‘Food System Innovation for Diversity’ at the HQ of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, Rome, Italy.  

1-6 October 2013: Ben Reade shared our work at 2013 AsiO Gusto in Namyangju, South Korea. more 

29 September 2013: Ben Reade presented our work at Chef Sache in Köln. more 

20 September 2013:  Ben Reade spoke at Arctic Food Festival in Mosjøen, Norway. 

30 August 2013: Ben Reade presented a paper on ‘The Art and Science of Fermentation’ at the Annual Meeting of the Korean Society of Food Science and Technology in Seoul. more 

20 July 2013:  Ben Reade spoke on resilience in delicious systems at The Lost Lectures in London.  more 

1 July 2013: Josh Evans shared our work with the International Summer Faculty at Copenhagen Business School.

3-6 May 2013: Ben Reade was a speaker at the Ballymaloe Literary Festival of Food and Wine in East Cork, Ireland. more 

30 April – 1 May 2013: Ben Reade and Michael Bom Frøst gave a presentation with tastings on our work with edible insects at Pestival in London.more via Wellcome Collection 

7 April 2013: Josh Evans presented on fish sauce as a model for developing more efficient local food systems at the 19th Australian Gastronomy Symposium in Newcastle, Australia. more 

6 April 2013: Mark Emil Hermansen presented a paper based on his work on terroir  at the “The New Nordic Cuisine in New York City” Symposium at Columbia University.

23 March 2013:  Ben Reade lead a tasting workshop at the Food Film Festival in Amsterdam. more 

5 December 2012Ben Reade and Michael Bom Frøst presented tastings of shellfish at a conference in Nordjylland on Danish shellfish, as part of our collaboration with the Danish food organisation Madkulturen. more

26 November 2012: Ben Reade and Michael Bom Frøst lead a tasting workshop on Danish game at the conference ‘Det Vilde Danmark’ at Ledreborg Slot in Lejre, as part of our collaboration with the Danish food organisation Madkulturen. The title of the tasting was ‘A journey of discovery in Nordic tastes’; the conference was in Danish and was organised by Madkulturen and Region Sjælland. more

5 November 2012: Director Michael Bom Frøst gave a presentation on the sensory experience of food at the showing of ‘Entre les Bras’ at the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival. more

25 October 2012: Ben Reade and Michael Bom Frøst lead a tasting workshop at the biennial Salone Del Gusto /Terra Madre festival in Turin, Italy. more 

24 October 2012: Ben Reade and Michael Bom Frøst talk on ‘Fermentation as Traditional Biotechnology in a Modern Context’ at the University of Gastronomic Sciences, Pollenzo, Italy . more 

8 October 2012: Ben Reade and Michael Bom Frøst gave a presentation at the Food4You conference in Wageningen, Netherlands, in collaboration with microbiologist Eddy Smid of Wageningen University, on the role of salt in food fermentation. more

7 September 2012: Lars Williams lead a tasting workshop at FOOD Festival in Aarhus, with Dan Felder of Momofuku Lab in New York. more

5 September 2012: Lars Williams and Mark Emil Hermansen presented at the Kavli Popular Science Lectures as part of Kavli Prize Week in Oslo, Norway. more

1 September 2012: Josh Evans presented our søl ice cream to hundreds of kids at Meyers Madmodsløb at Tiøren in Copenhagen’s Amager Strand. more

27-28 August 2012: Lars Williams presented at the Gastrophysics Symposium in Copenhagen on ‘Culinary Applications of Microbial Ethnobiology’, in collaboration with Dan Felder of Momofuku Lab. more

26 August 2012: Ben Reade and Mark Emil Hermansen lead a taste workshop at Nordic Taste, run by Copenhagen Cooking. more

25 July 2012: Lars Williams presented on ‘Delineating the edible and the inedible: or, how to get gringos to eat bugs’ at Mesamérica in Mexico City. more

7 July 2012: Ben Reade presents ‘Bog butter: a gastronomic perspective’ at the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, St Catherine’s College, Oxford, UK. more
[+ video, begin at 32:08]

2 July 2012: Lars Williams and Mark Hermansen presented on ‘Delineating the edible and the inedible’ for the first time at the MAD Symposium 2012. more