Creative Tastebuds – Exploring how culture and brain collaborate on taste 

Our friends and collaborators at Smag for Livet are behind this exciting symposium at Aarhus Theater September 4-5. Nordic Food Lab contribute to the organisation of the content and will give a few tasters as part of the conference. More information at Creative Tastebuds More information at Creative Tastebuds This unusual symposium offers a unique possibility for gastronomic reflection on the concept of taste. The symposium will present viewpoints from leading individuals from both the arts and the sciences, and performers from the creative sector will explore and challenge these viewpoints by engaging in a in dialogue with scholars as well as orchestrating experiments with the audience. 4 CREATIVE SESSIONS Molecules and Memory: from sensing taste to remembrance of food On stage: Charles Spence – David Sutton and Marije Vogelzang Nerves and Narratives: taste and story telling On stage: Gordon Shepherd – David Howes and Mark Schatzker Landscape and Learning: building taste into houses and minds On stage: John … Read more