Thoughts from the Field: Tom the Termite Man

by Meradith Hoddinott

For some, eating insects sounds strange. But for many, insects are everyday staples and sometimes treasured delicacies. The lab is in the midst of a 3-year project that aims to learn from cultures around the world and explore the gastronomic potential of insects. The project, Discerning Taste: Deliciousness as an Argument for Entomophagy, is funded by the Velux Foundation. 

Our first insect story takes place in the lush hills of central Uganda, in an area called Kisoga, west of Kampala.

Voices: Josh Evans, Ben Reade, Tom Lugeba, and Rogers Sserunjogi
Music: Strobe Lights by King Pleaxure
Field audio from Andreas Johnsen

 Left to Right: Tom Lugeba, Rogers Sserunjogi, and Ben Reade

 Termites or 'White Ants'

 Termite queen's chamber

 Termite Queen

 Tom with termite mound

 Stingless bee hive entrance

 Stingless bee hive in termite mound

 Stingless bee brood in hive

 Honey and pollen dripping from stingless bee hive

 Ritah Lugeba's termites roasted in pork fat with tomatoes and onions

Still hungry? Here’s a termite snack.

Complex Sandwiches
Tom’s wife, Ritah, makes roasted termites for Josh and Ben.

Voices: Josh Evans, Ben Reade, and Tom Lugeba
Field audio from Andreas Johnsen