Our Kind of Cake

  by Lars. To be utterly honest, this is something that we should have done long ago. It borders on embarrassing in retrospect. I am sure that the idea has fluttered past our intuition as we ruminated on other flickering possibilities while absentmindedly snacking on bits of our fermented barley.Yes, that’s what this is- our barley that we have carefully inoculated and cajoled into a lovely firm matrix of taste augmenting mold. Taste transforming. The barley grains are still intact, but the mold has fully penetrated and the primary metabolite, amalaze, has broken down the complex carbohydrates, producing a slight sweetness. All the other wonderfulness of the grain has also been subsequently released and enhanced. Better. Smarter. Faster. So we merely sliced our “loaf”, yes it does slice like a cake, and fried a piece in a pan for a bit of maillard. And to warm it through of course. … Read more