Gastro-Science-Chef symposium at Department of Food Science June 13 and 14

Participate in GASTRO-SCIENCE-CHEF 2018 – an international two-day symposium on science and cooking hosted by The Department of Food Science (FOOD) at the University of Copenhagen.  In the last couple of decades we have witnessed an increasing interaction between chefs and scientists, fueling new trends in both cooking and research. This two-day symposium brings together chefs, scientists, students, and culinary entrepreneurs to discuss matters of mutual interest with the aim of further cross-fertilization and developing of new ideas for future and collaborative work. A particular emphasis will be on communication and public outreach. The symposium will include workshops with gastronomic and gastrophysical demonstrations and experimentation. Program Date: June 13, 2018 Venue: University of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg Campus, Thorvaldsensvej 40, Auditorium A2-81.01 13.00-13.15   Welcome: Scope of the symposium, Pia Sörensen, Roberto Flore, and Ole G. Mouritsen 13.15-13.55   The new role of the chef in the 21st century, Anne McBride (New York) … Read more

Wild Aperitivo

The Nordic Food Lab proudly presents Wild Aperitivo as part of the 4th Wild & Feral Food Week 2018 The 4th Wild & Feral Food Week 2018 is founded by our friends at Berkeley Open Source Food. The purpose is to connect produce suppliers, markets, and restaurants to create a space for wild and feral edible plants to provide interesting, delicious ingredients for consumers and chefs. Nordic Food Lab hosts and contributes to the event Wild Aperitivo to showcase the delicious potential of wild and feral foods in our own community. The Wild Aperitivo to some degreee follow our Monday Aperitivo. It is an informal forum, where people can address their views with an amount of passion of a specific subject related to food. A forum from where dialogues and discussions between sciences, craftsmanship and industry take place to stimulate the appetite for progress.  The program for the event We will offer … Read more