A squidelicious aperitivo

Written by Yi-ting Sun, Edited by; Roberto Flore, Louise Beck Brønnum and Michael Bom Frøst.Photo Credits: Roberto Flore, Julia Sick and Jonas Drotner Mouritsen We were very excited to host our 3rd Monday Aperitivo 29th of January after our previous successful Monday Aperitivo in 2017. A concept where science and culinary techniques meet for a kitchen talk to stimulate appetite! This time, squids from the North took the stage of discussion, reflection and our palates. The set-up During the last few months, Nordic Food Lab has been working on Danish squids as part of the project, Smag for Livet.  Our Monday Aperitivo seemed like the perfect occasion to disseminate some of the work from the lab and therefore Roberto Flore, Yi-ting Sun and Louise Beck Brønnum had choosen this subject for our 3rd Monday Aperitivo. One of the presenters was Roberto Flore, the head of culinary research and development in … Read more