On Eating Insects – Essays, stories and recipes

On Eating Insects – Essays, stories and recipes. A book by Nordic Food Lab published by Phaidon available for pre–order now. Insects have been the center of many of our activities during the last years. In May 2016 we finished the Velux-funded project ‘Deliciousness of insects’, and naturally there has been many outcomes from that in the recent year – talks, press, publications, and very importantly a feature length-documentary film BUGS by Andreas Johnsen. The last milestone we lay down for the project is the publication of a book. On eating Insects – Essays. Stories and recipes. The book is published by Phaidon, and it will be out in bookstores May 1st. It can be pre-ordered from the publisher through this link, or from major retailers. We list Nordic Food Lab as author, as we find that first and foremost this book is a result of the lab’s work. We know that … Read more