We must let them taste

Welcome to season 2 of NFLR. This season, we say thank you and farewell to our founding producer Meradith, and welcome a new producer, Anna Sigrithur, to the mic. -ed.

by Anna Sigrithur

Meet Laila Spik Skaltje: the Sami reindeer herder and traditional foods teacher that I lived and worked with this summer in Swedish Lapland.

Laila is a steward of her family’s ecological wisdom—but she is not afraid of working with modern agents like timber companies and ambitious restaurants, carrying on her father’s work of educating the world about the value of Sami knowledge.

In this episode—and throughout this season of NFLR, which will follow my summer with Laila—we explore the complexities of living a modern life ‘close to nature’, and how Laila uses taste as a way to bring people into her world.