Science at Sea

In June 2014, the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science hosted the European Science Open Forum, Europe’s largest conference for interdisciplinary science and science policy. Alongside the conference, the City of Copenhagen held a festival called Science in the City, “a free festival for families, students and everyone who is curious and can’t help wondering…”. We participated in a session called Taste the Sea, where we took over the deck of one of Denmark’s marine research vessels with some other Danish organisations, and served some small tasters to share our work on underutilised and neglected edible species of the sea.

Here are some iPhone photos of the ship, and posters with recipes for the tasters we served.

Seaweed Grissini

About to bake
Out of the oven

Slow-poached egg with Round Goby crumble

Trial plating at the lab
At the event

Mackerel pickled in white kimchi juice with seaweed and apple salad

Mackerel in kimchi juice

Dulse ice cream

Dulse ice cream