Two white flies

by Meradith Hoddinott Roberto Flore and David Pedersen talk about their experiences with and views on hunting. The chef and hunter discuss the popular perception of hunting in contemporary society, their vision of hunting as a way of connecting with one’s environment and its potential for sensitive ecological management. They also describe how they have been influenced by each other’s work in the kitchen and the forest.

Beyond ‘New’ Nordic

For a while now, discussions around the lunch table or the spontaneous hours of the afternoon have revolved in and out of a web of topics we might call ‘what makes Nordic food Nordic?’ In our work at the lab, for example, we wonder if it should satisfy us to take some raw materials which grow here, stick them into a formula of technique (however connected it may already be to another region or cuisine of the world) and christening the resulting hybrid ‘Nordic x’ or ‘Nordic y’.  Similarly, when we engage with the work of our colleagues and friends in kitchens and workshops around the region, we wonder if it should satisfy us to refer mainly to commonly agreed-upon ideas of what our cooking is and should be, without necessarily digging more deeply into the questions at its roots: why do we work with the ingredients we do, why … Read more