Tang Tango

Seaweed science from the water to the kitchen. by Meradith Hoddinott Seaweed, or tang in Danish, is so much more than the smelly stuff you find on the beach. Marine algae form a fascinating underwater world of jungles, forests, meadows, and plains. Algae hold tremendous power, and our relationship with them dramatically shapes the marine landscape, whether we are aware of it or not. Asian cultures have been cultivating seaweed for centuries, but seaweed farming is a new frontier in Danish waters. Can taste shape the future of seaweed in Denmark? Voices: Daniel Conley, Peter Schmedes, Ole Mouritsen, Josh Evans, and Roberto Flore.Music: Frog & Toad by Archie Pelago Looking for more? Here are some seaweed snacks. What’s Your Favourite Seaweed? Seaweed foragers, scientists, farmers, and chefs share their favourite seaweed dishes. Voices: Thomas Larson, Ole Mouritsen, Susan Holdt, Peter Schmedes, Josh Evans, and Roberto Flore.Music: Travelling Light by Dr. Fidelity In Search of … Read more