Salone del Gusto – the trials and tribulations of Novel Foods

by Josh Evans On the last Sunday in October, we got a reality check. A nice big one with lots of drama. We had been planning a tasting workshop at Salone del Gusto in Torino, Italy, as part of Terra Madre, the biennial Slow Food event devoted to celebrating the diversity of food products and cultures around the world. Our goal was to share the taste diversity of this largely undervalued and misunderstood (in The West, at least) class of foods. We were going to serve some tasters and use them to illustrate some of the principles we have learned on our field work, techniques we have brought into our kitchen and different strategies for engaging with these different organisms as ingredients in their own right, rather than just novelty food. We came up with the original idea for the workshop back in May, which was to gather the most … Read more