Cricket Broth

by Nurdin Topham. Recipe development for our Pestival menu, by Nurdin Topham – now Head Chef at NUR in Hong Kong As part of our own learning process we tried making some simple stocks to taste the inherent flavour of these different creatures, and to determine which was the optimal proportion of insect to use to impart the flavour. After trying 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% we found that 20% was sufficient. Once determining our basic ratio, we began adding a few more variables with the following recipes cooked sous vide at 85˚C for 1 hour. White stocks 1. Cricket60g     20%    Crickets0.5g    0.1%     Sea salt300g   100%   H20 2. Cricket & Kombu60g     20%    Crickets0.5g    0.1%     Sea Salt2g       0.6%    Kombu300g   100%   H20 3. Meal worm60g     20%    Meal worms0.5g    0.1%    Sea Salt300g   100%   H20 4. Meal worm & … Read more

A side of bee larva with your afternoon coffee?

by Edith Salminen When a fellow researcher here at the Lab asks me whether I’d like to give him a hand doing field work for his thesis, meaning feeding random Copenhageners bee larva soup, I say “Ja tak!”  Could there possibly be a better way to spend an afternoon? Jonas Astrup Pedersen is the Larva-man. Now an almost-graduated Master in Food Science and Technology at University of Copenhagen, Jonas has been in and out of this rocking houseboat for as long as some of the oldest ferments downstairs. He is passionate about sensory analysis and experimentation, coffee and sourdough bread – really everything gastronomy. Being one of the only Danes on board, Jonas has been a wanted man these days, requested to address various food-related topics on Danish national TV and radio. Blood and gluten are some of the more recent ones. When he’s not busy doing public appearances that … Read more