Video of our presentation at MAD 2: Delineating the Edible and Inedible

by Josh Evans.

The full video of Lars and Mark’s presentation at MAD in July.

What it’s all about (a summary from our first post):

“How do you take something ‘inedible’, like an insect, and bring it into the category of the edible? One of the many powers of cooking, and science in general, is that it can bring us into a new understanding and appreciation of the world. Instead of serving a cricket whole on a plate, as other attempts at normalising entomophagy have done, in this case it is more effective to transform the raw material into something that will be recognised as delicious before edibility is even raised as an issue. If it looks and smells and tastes delicious, it must be edible, right?

Lars and Mark, illustrated

This is our strategy: instead of accepting, as contemporary culture does, that something must be edible before it can be delicious, we see these two categories as distinct, though overlapping, like a Venn diagram. Just as there are foods that are edible but not necessarily delicious (certain ‘weeds’ for example), there are also foods that can be delicious before being considered edible in popular consciousness. It is this boundary we want to push, to explore this vast range of delicious flavours in order to incorporate an increasingly wide array of foods into the sphere of the edible.”