Søl Ice-cream hits the streets of Copenhagen

by Mark Emil Hermansen. In connection with our brand new, custom-built Ice Cream Bicycle and its launch at tonight’s Melting Pot charity event in Øksnehallen, Copenhagen, here’s a recap of our post on seaweed ice-cream. Søl Ice Cream We were extremely curious about trying a seaweed ice cream. While there is some precedence of using seaweeds in dessert applications, primarily in Asian cuisine,  it features far more predominantly as a savory ingredient. After some tests, we settled on Palmaria Palmata (Dulse, or Søl) as the most likely candidate, for the often flowery aromatics and slight liquorish hints in can impart. We chose a cold infusion into milk, we were not looking for robust, deep sea flavors, but rather the gentler fragrant notes that makes this seaweed one of our favorites. One liter of milk with 30g Søl, cold infused for eight hours. We chose a simple, light ice cream base … Read more