Expanding the crew

by Michael Bom Frost.

Mark Emil Hermansen is our new man on boat. Here he is caught fishing for amphipod crustaceans (seaweed fleas) on a misty day in a corner of the Copenhagen harbour
With his entrepreneurial spirit and a background in the social sciences and humanities, he will join our effort to link present and past food discourses, to explore and shape the food of the future.

Mark is a strong agitator for developing new ways for sustainable consumption with a firm foundation in the philosophy of the New Nordic Cuisine movement. He joins the team with a focus on the dissemination of Nordic Food Lab’s work to the industry and public alike.

Mark was trained in anthropology at Oxford and has a previous degree in communication and curation from Central Saint Martins College in London. Apart from collaborating on Nordic Food Labs research, he will be responsible for planning and coordinating a range of future ventures for the lab.

We already enjoy the company a lot!