Noma and Nordic Food Lab at UCLA’s Science and Food lecture series

by Michael Bom Frost. Monday May 7, René Redzepi from noma and our Lars Williams presented a lecture at UCLA – The Exploration of Deliciousness. It is part of the Science and Food Lecture Series at UCLA For those of us not present, these events naturally causes envy. However, you can all get a peak into what went on thanks to LA weekly blogs, that gives a vivid impression of the enthusiasm the presenters and audience showed. Enjoy.

Expanding the crew

by Michael Bom Frost. Mark Emil Hermansen is our new man on boat. Here he is caught fishing for amphipod crustaceans (seaweed fleas) on a misty day in a corner of the Copenhagen harbourWith his entrepreneurial spirit and a background in the social sciences and humanities, he will join our effort to link present and past food discourses, to explore and shape the food of the future. Mark is a strong agitator for developing new ways for sustainable consumption with a firm foundation in the philosophy of the New Nordic Cuisine movement. He joins the team with a focus on the dissemination of Nordic Food Lab’s work to the industry and public alike. Mark was trained in anthropology at Oxford and has a previous degree in communication and curation from Central Saint Martins College in London. Apart from collaborating on Nordic Food Labs research, he will be responsible for planning … Read more