Seaweeds for Umami Flavor in the New Nordic Cuisine

  by Lars. This is a copy of the Nordic Food Lab’s first scientific article, accepted in the fantastic publication, Flavour Journal (  Take a look at the other articles, covering a wide breadth of topics, all fascinating. We were in London last week for the launch, and would like to thank Ben, Nandita and the whole Biomed staff for a great event. We are currently working on a few articles (beyond our normal ravings) with the requisite academic rigor for upcoming publication- stay tuned. Seaweeds for umami flavour in the New Nordic Cuisine Ole G Mouritsen1,2*, Lars Williams2,3, Rasmus Bjerregaard4 and Lars Duelund1 *Corresponding author: Ole G Mouritsen Author Affiliations 1MEMPHYS, Center for Biomembrane Physics, Department of Physics, Chemistry, and Pharmacy, University of Southern Denmark, Campusvej 55, DK-5230 Odense M, Denmark 2Nordic Food Lab, 93 Strandgade, DK-1401 Copenhagen K, Denmark 3Restaurant Noma, 93 Strandgade, DK-1401 Copenhagen K, Denmark 4Blue Food ApS, 2 Nordre … Read more