Home Made

  by Lars. It’s that time of the year when the wish list begins to expand, and we wistfully flip through our lab supply catalog.Like most people, we wish we had the capital to purchase whatever equipment we deem utterly necessary, unequivocally critical to our happiness and well being. Of course, this being the really real world, that is not how it goes, especially for a small non-profit. We depend on the charity of others (thank you PolyScience) or our ingenuity. So when we find ourselves lusting after some particular tech that we can’t afford, we often take a shade-tree approach. For much of the fermentation processes we are exploring the ideal temperature is between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius. This happens to be beyond the scope of the balmiest of Danish summers, and certainly unrealistic when the entire bay freezes over in the winter (see photo). A quick search … Read more